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Sequence Comparison and Analysis

Enter your protein sequences below to get a list of 3D structures, theoretical models, and active high-throughput structural biology projects that are similar to your query sequences. Your sequences will also be submitted to the bioinformatics servers XtalPred and Pxs to predict biophysical parameters such as isoelectric point, GRAVY score, secondary structure, disordered regions, and crystallizability indexes.

Use PSI tools to analyze your protein sequences

Enter your FASTA-formatted sequences in the box below or upload a file that contains all sequences (see examples). A report will be sent to your e-mail address when it is complete.

You can paste one or multiple sequences using this single form. The FASTA header must be present for each sequence. For multiple sequences, paste them in the box with a space in between entries.

>sp|P01308|INS_HUMAN Insulin OS=Homo sapiens GN=INS PE=1 SV=1
>sp|P01315|INS_PIG Insulin OS=Sus scrofa GN=INS PE=1 SV=2

If you are copying a sequence manually and do not have a header, precede each sequence with a greater than '>' symbol and a reminder.

>your text here

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